Platform Migration - Discourse to Discord

Hey PA fam,

To recap our last town hall meeting, we discussed the plan to transition our communication channels from Discourse to Discord by the end of November. This means that we will be phasing out the forum platform and migrating our documentation, important documents, and more. Starting this thread to initiate the conversation.

The objective is to have clear documentation that can be presented, with links to our website’s documentation page in the “About” section.

To achieve this, the following sections need to be updated or added:

  • Archive the threads in the forum that contain vital information and discussions from the PA organization.

    • Started this new channel where you can drag and drop any topics that you would want to preserve ( CC: the FF89DE crew for anything pre-townhalls since I don’t have context there)
  • Set up the new documentation page.

    • @salief and I can work on this. I will probably need your guidance on setting the overall structure since you have experience working on most of the PA GitHub projects.
  • Set up the new Discord server.

    • @losingmyego can you take the lead on this? you did a good job with the mutual discord and could help set it up with ya
  • Create an open-source GitHub repository with grants and “How to” documents for various projects. We have already started this, but we can make adjustments to fit it into the documentation.

I would suggest that the hard deadline for these updates should be the 26th of November

Additionally, we already have a documentation page with previous PA projects using Vercel Docs, which can be found at this link.

However, we can update it with information on current ongoing projects and link them to the appropriate GitHub repositories. We discussed at our town hall meeting that Nextra would be a suitable option to use moving forward.


Additionally, I would like to suggest archiving the entire forum in order to preserve its data internally.

I came across an interesting thread that could be helpful for this: A Basic Discourse Archival Tool.

@0xTranqui could you take the lead on this?

think it would be cooler if we tested waters internally to see if someone wants to take lead on this and get compensated via prop. ill post a screenshot of this and the link and see if theres any takers

down to take over in a week or two if we dont have any bites!

Down to setup the Discord server together! I’ll reach out to you about scheduling a sync

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Progress report on this since we’re closing on the 26th of November deadline

  1. Forum Archive: me and @0xTranqui are going to sync up this week to figure this out. We should have the essential threads in a doc ( which I’ll link in this post once ready). Some of the the threads will serve as the skeleton for the PA new discord group.

  2. PA Docs: Started this process today, as discussed in our last townhall, we’ll be using nextra for docs page. This should be good to go for sometime next week.

  3. Discord migration: I’m going to hop on call with neesh this Friday and start the process towards setting up the core channels needed such (Announcements, grants, etc). This should be ready as we launch the new website next month.

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I’m happy, after almost a year, discord is finally getting the respect it deserves, when I made the PA discord 11 months ago there was a potential to activate “925” members and it consistently got shot down. It definitely takes experience running discords to understand the value.

When I did these docs I first made them in Notion so everybody who knew how to use notion at the time could edit them. Then when I realized half of the team did not know how to use notion I did them again with the docaurus fork of zora docs, but burnt out doing them twice over to accommodate others.


Also could never get a peer review on my content or expect a PR because the collective quickly shifted into the sprint for deployment of the DAO with no time to clean up old projects

Progress report #2

  1. Forum Archive: Discourse provides a backup feature in the admin section and I’ve used it to create a backup. Up until now, I’ve sent a copy to @0xTranqui. We can discuss the best practices for preserving this dataset during our townhall meeting this week.

  2. PA Docs:: so an update on this, had a small chat with @salief the other week and came to the conclusion that setting up the docs would be a bit too much work in order to meet the website deadline. We chose to update the on the PA GitHub page instead (which is pinned at the top)

  3. Discord Migration: Mission accomplished! The PA discord is ready to go and we 'll be ready to invite you all to join as of this week. More update on this during our townhall on Wednesday.