Half-baked sunday afternoon thought:

It seems like we are conceptually past the idea that the auction mechanism is vital for generating sustainable revenue for the dao – especially as a real foundation for sustained public good funding is on the horizon with Assembly Press.

If that is the case, is there any reason we should allow the public auction mechanism to continue? Do we like the fact that governance rights have so far been restricted to those who can afford to buy it? Is there actually a nice simplicity that anyone can buy into the dao at anytime? Would this simplicity be better if there was a constant set price as opposed to price discovery? Is price discovery bot protection? Is PA already a plutocracy (ppl with most money have most say) ? What would it look like to pause the auctions and transition into a period where we experimented with new members only being added via airdrop proposals + delegations + etc.

Does a simplified vision (like the 0xParc one @projectmehari linked below) + focus for PA around AP development affect our thoughts about all of this?

I have some ideas about this but will hold off for other ppl to share first