Preliminary Thinking : Updating the PA Website

Purpose : Redesign the PA Website and update the content + strategy

  1. Introduction:
    As mentioned on the last PA townhall, our website could use updating based on many factors, but most importantly that we have expanded as an organization and have a larger community with more artifacts and touchpoints to surface. Currently, the site is a glimpse of the early days of PA, and does not help to provide important context to what we have accomplished as an organization.

I run a design agency and have had the opportunity to strategize and design websites for many web3 / web2 startups and collectives. I am hoping to lend my skills and experience to update the PA website. (Portfolio)

  1. Ask Details:
    I will offer my services pro-bono, and will be requesting resources from the treasury to acquire a developer to work on the site with me. After acquiring a developer (pre-proposal) we will work together to create a rough timeline of execution and will include that in the proposal. There is no imminent timeline for this to be completed, however the sooner the better.

We will set a timeline and objectives to meet,as well as budget for their time.

  1. Benefits:
  • An updated website will provide more context about the PA community and its accomplishments, allowing more outside organizations to find crossovers and opportunities to collaborate with us.

  • Surfacing of PA’s experiments by community members, allowing individuals to have an increased sense of ownership in the collective and dually increasing the visibility of their contributions to the space in attachment to PA’s growing value in the public eye.

  • Updated and more automated pathways to contribute to PA, with less upfront explanation required.

  1. Timeline: Will update this section relatively soon.

  2. Budget: Will update this section relatively soon.




would love to see this go thru. happy to provide technical support for whatever dev takes this on

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Thanks for taking the initiative here @losingmyego

Also happy to provide any support towards aiding to craft the message this site will aim to deliver!


This is awesome. I’m personally excited to see what a PA site designed by @losingmyego would look like and think it’s very cool that you’re able to do this pro-bono.

I may also be able to pitch-in pro-bono as a dev or dev lead, depending on the timing. (I’ll be pretty swamped until September and am working to finish up PDK with @dannydiamonds before then).

Is there any interest in making the PA site build a group effort? Might be cool to get a number of devs on this and knock it out hackathon style.

Downside is increased coordination.

Upside is that everyone involved would feel a sense of ownership or belonging due to their part in the collective effort.


Hola @neatonk!! Update on timeline, we are planning to ideally have this completed by the end of August

I love the idea of finding ways for developers to feel more ownership over PA projects! Definitely think there’s a further conversation to be had on engineers to self initiate builds based on our newly updated protocol, etc. Following in the steps of Mint House <3.

For the time and energy I have to donate on this timeline, I don’t feel comfortable managing multiple developers or believe it is necessary. For more clarity, the site build will be straightforward enough for 1-2 engineers to complete it.

As an engineer who has shown initiative, I reached out to @thekidnamedkd previous to this post about executing the build on a faster timeline, if there is maybe another dev who has the capacity to contribute now that would be dope!

If all goes well, planning to have the proposal in before EOW next week


agree with neesh here, but the point u make @neatonk is interesting. as a “standard” practice it would be great for all PA hosted sites to have contributor guidelines that make it easier for ppl to tap in


@losingmyego Thanks for the thoughtful reply and timeline update. 100% respect your decision to keep the team and timeline for this project tight. Stoked to see what you and @thekidnamedkd come up with. Will there be an opportunity for folks to weigh in on the design direction? I can imagine you would want to keep this part of the process tight as well.

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@losingmyego @0xTranqui I’d be down to continue the convo about project initiation, contributor guidelines, and project ownership in a new thread, but am not able to take the lead on that right now. Happy to chime in an support though if someone else wants to run with it.


will be sure to loop u in on upcoming convos related to ramping up public awareness + contribution of the Assembly Press framework !!

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I want some clarification on whether the PA website will be a fork of the dao Flexible template or not

@salief @0xTranqui will know the exact answer here. If I can recall our last conversation about this, it will be a fork and we can fully customize the site to fit our needs and look how we need it to. Not planning on bringing in the governance modules, but continuing to keep the token explorer + bid mechanism similar to what is currently on the home page of the PA site.

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wtv functionality from flexible we want to include in the new site should not be a problem to integrate. so at a minimum i imagine thats a refreshed token explorer + auction interface, and then theoretically more depending on wtv design neesh deems fit

getting to the point where we are running our governance thru our website end to end (including an yet to be implemented create proposal flow) feels something we want, but also seems outside of the scope of this re design?

I think the end to end governance functionality would def be outside the scope of a redesign. Additionally, I think the site should be a fresh repo, and the auction functionality can be configured using builder-utils, rather than Flexible itself. We would be porting over a ton of code if we were just to use Flexible off rip. I’m happy to spearhead the auction integrations.

I’m most interested in a UI that doesn’t put auctions at the forefront of the design (which Flexible does) but allows interactions through a small widget or modal, similarly to how Terminal handles it. See example below.

Curious about people’s thoughts surround this.


Fully in line with auction not taking up 90% of the home page. imo it doesn’t fit the current directive of PA

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