Prop for renewing funding on PA shared infra?

I believe its almost time to get another prop up to fund expenses for existing PA infra such as the forum, vercel, npm, and figma. thinking we could do a quick re examination of what is still worth paying for.

related to this, neesh has expressed a desire for someone else to take the reins on handling payments for the dao for the time being, and so we need to figure out someone to do that – am willing to myself but v open for others as well. would be nice to get the UNA prop up before more funds go out too but ik theres some level of work that needs to go into that before we can do it.

this was a bit of a ramble but wanted to start the convo on these fronts

Thinking out loud re: covering expenses. There might be a way to setup up a bank/exchange account for the UNA once established. If so, it should be possible to fund that account with USDC/DAI from the treasury, to cover expenses.

This is speculation, since I don’t know if a UNA can get an EIN in order to setup a business account.


i believe even “more legit” daos like Builder with tons of legal support have had trouble getting a bank account for UNAs

If someone can confirm they’ll do it this week. it would be necessary to get the prop in and funds sent before the billing cycles renew in 2 weeks

confirming im down to take on responsibility of managin payments for this infra. could use a little help on the proposal side of things (esttimated services, costs, duration, benefits to the dao, etc), but will try to get something drafted soon

I should have a draft ready for review on the PA UNA early next week. It’s a mix of my research done towards other daos + what was already spoken about it in other town hall meetings.

so taking responsibility for the proposal side of things. @0xTranqui


can defo help with this in sorting out the current charges we have and help get it in a proposal. i think we can build from the template that from @salief’s first prop earlier this year

Thats huge!

From my initial research this seems like it would be quite hard to do given UNAs are not recognized by banks as formal corporate structures.


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