Proposal idea: Push notifications for auctions

Inspired by this tweet:

Would love to explore the easiest way to get SMS or push notifications when I get outbid on an auction. Otherwise, we’re all stuck staring at auction pages in the final minutes on a Saturday afternoon while late for lunch plans (totally not speaking from experience)!

Anyone have ideas on how this might be implemented? Could be as simple as a Rainbow Wallet notification given that they already send one for receiving NFTs…


This could be done from the PA website using browser APIs if there is any interest in that.


@neatonk do u have any idea how serious of a build this is? does it require any UI? would it just be something we do an example implementation for PA — open sourced — and now other DAOs can set up for themselves?

On a similar note, does anyone have any ideas/thoughts on an auction settle bot? Between bidding extensions + the time it takes for someone to settle, the auction end time has been getting incrementally pushed back. If I remember correctly, the auction was ending somewhere between 6-7 PM EST earlier in the daily auctions, but today it will be ending around 9PM EST.

Is this an issue moving forward and/or is there a need for the auction to end at a more timezone neutral hour for global participation?

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I’ve never done it but am familiar with the APIs.

There are a two pieces involved:

  • Some UI to trigger the browser permission dialog.
  • A service worker to create the notifications if they are enabled.

The rest is application logic and state.

I think this is where you’d start with something like that.

But maybe it’s less complicated.