Proposal to serve PA as project manager

  1. TL;DR: This proposal is to request funding to serve Public Assembly as project manager for the next 3 months. The goal is to facilitate communication both internally and externally within the community, as well as to guide current and future PA members in their projects. This will also help close any loose ends in terms of documentation, guidelines for contribution, and general duties related to the DAO organization. The idea orginated from watching BuilderDAO establish an operation working group in proposal 58

  1. Context: For the past few months, I have been involved in the PA community (thanks @tranqui for being a steward in that process) and I definitely see potential for this organization to grow as a sanctuary for developers and builders in the web 3 space. It was mentioned in the last town hall that for Public Assembly to grow, we need to be more organized and establish a baseline for communication channels and contribution guidelines. This proposal offers my time as a project manager to help build bridges between the community and PA as onchain infrastructure.

  1. Proposal details:
    • Documentation Standardization: Establish documentation of current & past townhalls with their documentation stewarding the next 3 townhall meeting ( July, August, September). Additionally, be a touchpoint for any member to reach out to in terms of finding key information within Public Assembly.

    • Project management: Assisting PA members in facilating in the 4 steps of project development (setup, planning, delivery and close). This would also involve reach out to new token holders and provide them resources to help onboard them in PA.

    • Communication channels: Conduct an analysis of the current communication channels within PA and identify areas for improvement. This analysis should include the forum and social media accounts. The goal is to establish a robust and effective communication strategy that builds trust and engagement within the PA community, and promotes the organization’s growth and success over the long term. Also considering exploring new channels that may be more effective in reaching different audiences, such as other social media account (, newsletters, etc).

    • External funding: Explore grants and other funding models that could benefit PA in the long-term.

  1. Benefits: This would help improve collaboration among PA members and provide context to others who would like to be involved.

  1. Timeline: I left this section blank because I would definitely help scoping out the essential needs of PA at the moment and select an order of priorities for tasks at hand. Open to suggestions !
  • Month 1 (July 2023):
  • Month 2 (August 2023)
  • Month 3 (September 2023)
  • Ongoing:Reevaluate the needs of the project at that point in time and establish a process to nominate (or renominate) a project manager moving forward.

  1. Budget: Total funds requested: 1.5 eth (0.5eth per month). To start understanding the scope of this role, I intend to dedicate at least 10 hours per week to serving PA as a project manager. I am open to hearing your feedback and suggestions here!

Really interested in hearing your thoughts here as it’s my first proposal @0xTranqui @salief @junghwan @valcoholics @PA-Holders


Appreciate the work you’ve done in PA @projectmehari, you’d have my vote!

Only thing I’d add to this prop is your personal website and direct tax info to @junghwan @0xTranqui

My opinion on the immediate needs are discussed in Townhalls


This is really exciting @projectmehari and is definitely energizing to see that you are interested in doing this. I’ve really appreciated a lot of the initiative you’ve taken thus far towards organizing the townhalls and being a very active contributor here in the forum.

I think this proposal could potentially use a bit more clarification about the scope of the role you’re creating for yourself, and the responsibilities. For instance I feel as though the grants seeking portion (despite it being something much needed) could potentially extend beyond the role of project manager. Interested to hear your thoughts on this.

Additionally, curious if you would outline what you constitute as onboarding in the realm of PA, as well as share some initial ideas about what documentation means as far as PATH goes.

Super excited to see where this goes Kiru!


still remember the first time me and @junghwan linked u at patati patata (in the running for PA hq #1 ppl could say) like it was yesterday – in my feels looking at this post :face_holding_back_tears:

im in full support of you getting a prop up to fund the continuation of the great work youve been doing the past few months – and agree with @salief that i think it would be helpful for everyone to get to a bit better clarity on exactly what youll be working on. this will hopefully keep you from taking too much on your plate, and also provide boundaries so that other ppl know what we could still use help with (so much lol)

based on the initial ideas you presented for what you could work on, here’s some thoughts for maybe how to structure/priortize things:

  1. PA Town Hall admin + documentation for July/August/September. can get more into the details of what this means in the prop you end up submitting
  2. External funding research. I think this is one of the more important things PA needs someone focused on, and in terms of bringing $$$ value back to the org is prob one of the more practical things we could be paying someone to spend time on. and if i remember correctly you have started doing bits and pieces of this already here and here
  3. Meta-PM. Im thinking that this could actually be the most helpful way to structure ur time spent on “project management.” I think one of the harder things for ppl in PA to figure it out is exactly how to conceptualize + execute a project’s entire lifecycle – and so having someone available (ex: you) to be a resource for individuals/groups/projects to come to to help with project planning could be a great way to maximize the return on ur time. For example, there are multiple projects that come to mind that would be great for subgroups in PA to be working towards (with potentially a focused PM on each one), but obviously you taking on the lead PM for any/all of these could be a full prop in itself:
  • PA Open Blog
  • PA General Public Comms + Onboarding Strat
  • PA External Funding (ik I listed this earlier but perhaps this is a whole effort in itself)
  • PA IRL meetups
  • etc etc etc

One past example of meta-pming in PA could be me + joey helping @mmsaki + @thekidnamedkd get the work on mint house up and running (we were pretty hands on so maybe not perf example but i think it sufficies).

These are just some initial responses to everything you mentioned, excited to keep this convo going and work towards getting this prop out :slight_smile:


Adding my support in as well! I think this is a great opportunity to formalize some of the work you have already been taking the initiative for. As more moving parts focus on its own workflows + timelines, aggregating all the different contexts we’re creating at Public Assembly will be tremendously valuable. I’m excited to see how this goes, and offer my help wherever I can. Here are a few ideas that could help with the final proposal:

  1. The PA Open Blog will become a huge surface area of participation very soon. Getting the right messaging and onboarding opportunities to our “token-holder blog” could give us even more legitimacy + solidarity as a group. This project could be the most literal “PM” role of the proposal.
  2. Researching + leading external fund/grant opportunities seems like something you are well-versed to handle. While obviously this could be an entire endeavour of its own, this is perhaps where the proposal is somewhere between a traditional PM and a DAO manager? (To your own liking of course)
  3. I see less of a importance for more traditional social media management, mostly because our twitter has been a place where we try to minimize as much noise as possible (it’s easier to find things, use it as a record-keeping, and etc) and opening up new channels will inevitably create an up-keep of new PA “content”. My guess is that the forum and open blog will be two areas where focus + attention will yield the best results for high quality communication/engagement for PA.

like @0xTranqui, more than happy to keep this convo going and work towards getting this proposal out!

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Gm everyone! thank you all for chiming in with your inputs and feedback ! definitely feel a great energy here in PA and happy to be more involved in process of nurturing that for others.

@valcoholics : yess agreed! will send that info in a bit

@salief : Great points and I think I would expand on the specific tasks & deliverables in the timeline section ( deliverables for Month 1, Month 2, etc). For example, in month 1: I could pm and help kick off the Prop house round for Public Assembly. This would entail setting up the logistics/filling any forms related to the PA participation and communicating that on Twitter ( a bit of like what Issac & Neokry are doing for builders).

One of the ongoing responsibilities would be to guide a PA contributor through the proposal process and answer any questions they may have about it (this is an example of what I meant by “onboarding”).

I can definitely expand on this in the V2 version of this proposal ! ( Give more details on what onboarding + documentation means as a PM)

@0xTranqui : ayeee patati patata as public assembly cultural institution. defs a point of reference for this group. Although might have sold ma poule mouillé to @salief as a strong contender :eyes:

On a serious note, yes totally agree on setting the scope and boundaries of the role. It can create a foundation for how contributors can get involved in PA. I’ll make sure to go in more details in the V2 of this proposal. Here’s my response to a couple good points you highlighted

  • External funding research:I have started sharing some grants that I have come across and am personally interested in exploring. I believe Gitcoin is a viable option for builders in web3. Responding to @salief’s point about this potentially extending beyond the role of PM, I think it would be feasible to explore these options in a more public way, rather than continually applying for grants. Overall, I commit to doing at least one walkthrough of me applying for a grant, and sharing that experience with the PA community at large. Perhaps I could even livestream it!

Also to bring back this point:

  • Project management: Assisting PA members in facilating in the 4 steps of project development (setup, planning, delivery and close). This would also involve reach out to new token holders and provide them resources to help onboard them in PA.

I think essentially here I could help connect the dots between PA members who have overlapping interests in working together. defs had that meta-PM example in mind with you & @junghwan when thinking about this ! I can start with checkin in on current projects and also maybe updating the slide below ? again, will expand In the next iteration of this proposal !

@junghwan : you got it spot on with this statement " As more moving parts focus on its own workflows + timelines, aggregating all the different contexts we’re creating at Public Assembly will be tremendously valuable." Overall, that’s essential need that I think I can help filling with PM initiative.

I think Month 2 & Month 3 of this mandate would be giving priority to facilitate the PA open blog process, as its going to be foundational building block for PA. Stoked to be more involved here!

And also defs agree on the sticking to the Twitter + forum communication channels for now!

Thanks again y’all for your feedback and can’t wait to share the V2 proposal with you. I’ll be taking some time during the weekend to work on it :slight_smile:


Thanks for addressing all these points! Excited to see the proposal go live.

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