Public Assembly 2023 Roadmap

Full Roadmap with links here

Hey PA fam,

I have created a visual representation of what is happening in PA at large for the remaining months of 2023. This includes ongoing infrastructure revamp (website, docs, etc.) as well as potential paths for contributions. It is important to note that there is still a significant amount of money in the treasury (around 11k USD) and I encourage you to submit proposals for your ideas!

also remember that I am here to assist you in drafting the proposal and guiding you through the process if ever.

Much love,

Additional important links

PA UNA draft proposal

The initial draft of this proposal is posted in the document above. We would appreciate it if you could review it and provide your feedback. For context, the draft was based on the Builder DAO + FWB but needs to be tailored to our specific requirements. The next step would be to gather feedback from individuals with legal expertise in this area.

Preliminary Thinking: Updating the PA Website

@losingmyego has offered her time to redesign the website and would like your help in defining the website’s copywriting and resource needs. Excited to see this come life!


*MUTUAL x PA Zine :slight_smile:

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This is missing our migration to Discord and off of Discourse - would love to see a timeline of action for that switch and maybe a thread to see if there are sections of discourse people want to see preserved / carried over? @projectmehari

+++. this felt like one of the potentially bigger deals, esp as a cost saving measure for the org. think we discussed a nov 31 sunset, I think it would be awesoem if we could stick that landing

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I’m going to start a new thread on this, good call!