Public Assembly | Brand ideation session (July 16th, 6pm EST)

Public Assembly Brand jam session

Following the conversation from our last townhall ( more context here), We have decided that it is essential to define more precisely what the Public Assembly brand represents within the ecosystem and determine the most effective way to communicate this. One suggestion is to run a livestream (work in public session) to solidify the PA mission statement and other narrative components and articulate Public Assembly’s better to the outside world.

Thank you @valcoholics for bring this up in the last meeting. Who else wants to jam on this?

I have attached a FigJam board that we can use during the session, and the link to the livestream is provided below!

PA historical context

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narrative switched to protocol collective with AP id say, Before it was research and experimentation of a lot of invisible things but we’re about to have our core stack.

For the call I want to talk about the voice of PA post zora, the press kit, current stats like milestones, one pager etc


I’m with it !!

really like how 0xparc has their about section + vision outlined. Simple and neat

0xPARC Foundation’s primary areas of focus are:

  • Research and development. We support experimental applications enabled by new cryptographic primitives, such as zero-knowledge cryptography. 0xPARC projects aim to push the boundaries of what is technically possible with crypto applications, both on and off blockchains.
  • Open-source tools and infrastructure. New application design patterns require new tools and infrastructure. We encourage development of these tools in accordance with open ecosystem values.
  • Education and ecosystem development. We aim to bring more developers, technologists, writers, and thinkers to the frontiers of decentralized application development. We do this through educational programs and other community initiatives.

Projects we fund, provide operational support for, or are otherwise involved in include Dark Forest, Lattice, ZKonduit, Index Supply, Zupass, ZFT, Hack Lodge,EthUniversity, and more.0xPARC is entirely funded by donations and grants from a number of values-aligned organizations and entities, including:

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0xParc is v big inspo. they happen to be the ones who gave a huge grant to MUD btw

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