Public Assembly Gov NFT Artwork

Initial art preview from @junghwan

How are ppl feeling bout this?

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fire, the reflection could be a metaphor for even more but it’s really just pretty as hell, also love the simplicity. How many variations?

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there’s two layers seperated into “zorb” and “background” both containing 32 assets. so hypothetically 1024 possible permutations.

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Love the variety that comes through, and also how some look better than others like you were talking about earlier. I can see the vision with how PA is literally everywhere at a utilitarian level - we stay the same no matter the environment. Diggg

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What’s the singular version of this called? You know how zorbs collection is just referred to as one Zorb, and Nouns as just one Noun? or with Builder DAO you can say out like “I’m Builder #14” if you buy the token? Think it matters?

Could we call it a Degree?

also, how does the builder site call for the current images to display, hope that doesn’t happen to us

I think degree is great. if we went with that, the name + symbol for the contract could be:

name: Degree
symbol: $PA

then each token would be like, Degree 1, Degree 2, Degree 3. plural of Degree = Degrees

think this is the best route so far

As you say that it doesn’t allow us to be flexible when we change to art to different seasons…

yea… specifically the name + symbol of the nft contract can never be changed post launch