Public Assembly has been accepted into the Gitcoin GG18 OSS round!

Public Assembly is an onchain collective identifying opportunities to create what’s missing. We take a community-centred approach to software development, focusing on the needs of our members and providing education for those to follow along.

Our most successful projects to date in terms of external adoption are various governance related clients + packages, as well as infrastructure for open-information proliferation.

Figma deck slides

Gitcoin grants profile

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Going to prep some social media materials to promote it, if anyone has an inputs or feedback to share drop them here

Lets go :slight_smile:

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Here’s a dashboard that shows how the project’s fund is going so far, compared to other grantees. We’re at around 100$ so far but this is without any strong push so far on social media.

I’ll be working on that this week !

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Update + follow up on coms pertaining to the Gitcoin round


On August 10th, we submitted a Gitcoin application for the OSS 18 round. While pursuing the application process, we used the public assembly GitHub org as a reference to add the social media handles of the people involved in what has evolved into the current state of Assembly Press. However, this application was not in alignment with @valcoholics and we should of asked her she wanted to have her name on the application. As a result, we resubmitted a new application on August 16th to reflect the current state of PA. After the second application, we only used this version to promote our Gitcoin grant round going forward.

I’ll be following up with any updates here on what steps to take next and keep you all posted in this thread

  • August 17: We made a new application here. We’ll be promoting this version for the Grants OSS 18 round. For the older version, at the protocol level we’re unable to make any changes to this round. We’ve adjusted the project to at least show that it’s not a valid round ( pls give it sometime to show up).

  • August 28th: Gitcoin OSS 18 round application ends

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