Public Assembly Town hall #3

Hey everyone,

I’m setting up a Lettuce Meeting to coordinate the next town hall session. In the future, it would be smart to create a Google Calendar that we can subscribe to, so we don’t always have to search the forum chat for the link. Ideally, we can create a new section labeled Townhalls.


There’s been prolonged discussions regarding the creation of a Google Calendar over the past month, perhaps it would be more efficient to create that today, I don’t have access to the organizational gmail account, is that the only thing we are waiting on?

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we have a google calendar ready to go to put events on but none of us with access have set it up :sweat_smile:. I’ll do it tn and respond with link here

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Our internet cousins at the park has passed a prop for PA to participate in FWB Fest at the end of summer. Let’s put this on the agenda to discuss being that Life after Lifestyle is one of the things on our reading list and dropped at FWB Fest last year.

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If the townhalls actually showed up as mints on the zora profile that wouldve been a cool link to put on the homepage but they dont 0x8330...bD30 | My Profile

they show up in created? at least path 1 does, may be an issue with path 2 not showing up

test added latest PATH to about section but it doesn’t show for me in created

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it works for me not sure whats happening. are u logged into mainnet while on the site? also i see u with the front end work :eyes:

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I think it was the wifi i was on it shows now

I think we’re set on Wednesday, June 7th at 1 pm for the next town hall ( PATH #3). If anyone has any points they want to add please post them here or dm me and I’ll add them to the figma slides.

Also to make things easier, subscribe to the PA Public Calendar so you can have the meeting link directly show up on you calendar.

Would be great if we can tweet it out as well!

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weve been doing the PATH anncounments tweets one day before for the first two. you think ok to continue that rhythm?

also I dont think ill be on this one (will be on a strict no internet fast from june 2 – june 14) dont have to much fun without me :pleading_face:

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the real question is whats gonna be PATH 3 hexcode :eyes:

For perspective:

PATH 1: #11854D
PATH 2: #E75F4D
PATH 3: ???

How about #657A8D? Took the blueish outline from your profile picture! it could be fun to pick a PA member once a month and like find hex code that matched the pfp

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oooooo this color goes all the way back to the collection I did with @dannydiamonds where my pfp was born

damn @dannydiamonds origin story over here, thank you for the lore ser :boom: