Public Assembly Town hall #4

Hello everyone,

I’ve created this lettuce meet to get a feel of everyone availabilities for our next townhall meeting ! Also friendly reminder to subscribe to the PA calendar if you haven’t so already !


I have scheduled the next Townhall meeting for Wednesday the 12th at 1pm EST. However, if there is a better time for the majority of attendees, I will adjust the schedule accordingly.

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It seems like we’re set for Wednesday the 12th at 1pm EST for the next townhall.

Feel free to add talking points or slides in the link below:

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maybe we could do a public working sesh on this the tuesday before? open hours type to get it all set

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I just added an “office hours” block of time in the PA calendar for anyone who wants to jam together. (1 pm-3 pm EST), a bit earlier in the day to accommodate to the euro squad homies ( @0xTranqui @thekidnamedkd )

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thanks for setting this up :slight_smile: see u there

This is today? I’d love to hop in.

This is happening tomorrow ! come by for sure :love_you_gesture:

figma for townhall #4