Public Assembly Townhall #5

Gm PA peeps!

I’ve started this lettuce meet to check in and see what everyone’s availabilities were for PATH #5! Since fest is this week, pushed the usual schedule forward a week so that attendees can get some rest in between.

ps. this month hex color is dedicated to sir @neatonk :saluting_face:

PA calendar


put my time on :slight_smile:

Public Assembly Townhall #5
Wednesday, August 9 · 1:00 – 2:00pm
Time zone: America/Toronto (EST)
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:

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Maybe not the best place to put this info – but wanted to propose a section(s) in the townhall to be about governance + funding decisions. context is last townhall we discussed moving a lot of the treasury do activate a few projects that were finally ready to go, but we havent made any moves on them. here’s a lil overview of the situation + potential path forwards in my head

Current treasury: 3.44 ETH (~ $6.2k) + ~ $2,300 of DAI = $8.5k total

Things we want to fund – we dont necessarily have the funds for all of this atm:

  • Website revamp - (ongoing discussion started by @losingmyego here)
  • @projectmehari meta-pm for PA. I believe the funding allocated to him in this prop covers work through sept 23, but with that date approaching it would be nice to be on the front foot about renewing this funding ahead of time. more discussion needed here
  • @valcoholics as “insert title here” for work around organization/management of community AP dev happenings. more discussion needed here
  • I believe something like $1.2k of funds we need to save to pay for PA public infra like the forum and vercel (cc @losingmyego for what that number was specifically)

A thing that I think also feels relevant for us to do is

  1. remove the veto
  2. declare PA as an UNA before any more funding goes out.

Imo both of those things can happen in one proposal, and builds off the successful founders alloc removal towards getting PA to a ~ steadyish state structurally

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Yah $1.2K

Assuming @thekidnamedkd and I should hold on website re-design proposal going up. We’re going to start on it, so it’ll have to be retroactive funding. What’s the timeline of declaring an UNA?

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getting started on it feels right to me – maybe just hold off on finalizing spec until we do budgeting on wednesday so u know how crazy/not crazy to go?

timeline for declaring an UNA is 1) us deciding we’re actually gonna do it 2) submitting a prop to remove the veto + including some type of “consitution esque” language – borrowing from how Builder went about this, imagining some of our early north star materials + recent work @projectmehari + @valcoholics been doing on refreshing brand message can be used here.

so idk at a minimum week long prop cycle + X days to get the supporting material good to go

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That sounds good to me cc finalizing prop specs.

Thanks for explaining UNA process, excited to dig into it at town hall. Timeline sounds super chill

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