Public Assembly Townhall recap post

Happy Friday everyone,

Planning to make a recap post (on Twitter) of the townhalls so far and would love your input to see if I’m missing anything. I’m trying to codense into a fitting timeline for the last couple of months. So far I’ve got the following:

Path #1 (March)

  • Overview + roadmap of PA

  • Working groups + opensource ethos

Path #2 (May)

  • Flexible

  • Blog era, Neosound, mint house

  • Mutual

Path #3 (June)

  • Removal of founders allocation

  • Public Assembly as a sanctuary

Path #4 (July)

  • Events: PA x mutual at ETH CC, fwb fest & livestream

Path #5(August)

  • Assembly Press

Let me if there’s anything I can add!

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wild we have all of these

yo @projectmehari, me @salief and @jawn are doing another tweek of the demo tn after tweaking the protocol again. our plan is to have the refreshed demo done tn, and then shoot for a post of the work on the revised version of AP tomorrow morning EST

we should coordinate the tweets with the one thats the PA recap + gitcoin callout, and then the work on AP. open question:

  1. should one of us (ex: myself) be the person who tweets out the AP update, to which PA can quote tweet in the recap + gitcoin callout tweet
  2. should we plan on both of these tweets coming out from PA? if so, we should maybe try to have at least a day between them? both on the same day would reduce engagement imo
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I was planning to release the recap post in an hour-ish ( working on the twitter asset). I think yes on you posting the AP update on your account, which I can quote-post from the PA account.

proposed timeline

  1. Public Assembly recap/overview ( today )
  2. Gitcoin post ( later this afternoon)
  3. AP demo release (tomorrow morning)


wonder what other word I could use here instead of “overview”? Q3 report lol

overview feels nice

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might be better at posting gitcoin after the AP one,

AP demo > people be like "ouhhh sick > Gticoin donation received

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this sounds cool. if sounds good to you, well shoot on tweeting from PA acct 11am est tm with the demo? do u think we should include CTA on gitcoin round for that? should we save it for a specific gitcoin CTA? should we do both (i feel like both might be nice)

I think we can do both.

  1. Breakdown of AP demo + something at the end alongside the line of "help us fund it here.

  2. Then I’ll quote the tweet with an in-depth explanation of the gitcoin grant round.

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Ok bet. will get this tm am and will lyk :saluting_face:

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