Public Assembly UNA Proposal

Hey everyone,

Finally started this document, which contains an early draft of the public assembly UNA proposal. I invite you all to take a look and add comments or questions in areas that seem vague.

I have used the Builder DAO + FWB proposal as a reference, so the language is very similar.

After this initial internal review, the next steps will involve seeking external consultation from individuals with better expertise on the matter.

Ps. If there were any discussion on the UNA pre-Kiru era, It would be great to see these in this thread.

Document here


i just skimmed thru this, need to sit down to read it all – but from a quick glance thank you so much for doing this. clearly more work to get this edited → all of us come to consensus, but I think this is exactly what we needed to get to the next step!

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  • I’m curious how this agreement extends to Public Assembly token holders who purchased a Public Assembly NFT or participated in Public Assembly governance prior to the formation of the UNA.
  • We could include a clause that says something like voting on this prop is an acknowledgment of these terms, and attempt to garner a wide degree of voting support
  • I don’t think we should be limited to DAO infrastructure
  • At the time the prop goes onchain, there are no founders, so we’ll probably need to elect a member to be responsible for tax compliance or something of the sort
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  • there are no addresses set as recipients of the founders allocation as designed at protocol level. just adding for clarity

Does anyone else have thoughts on this? @losingmyego @junghwan