[Question] Deploying Drops as a DAO using ZORA Create

gmaen pa :sun_with_face:

zaak here from the ZORA Product team

with This is Nouns giving us a glimpse into the future of DAO drops, i’m starting a public discussion exploring how DAOs can use ZORA Create for their future drops. (h/t tranqui for suggesting that i do this publicly)

some questions:

  1. What about the current Edition or Drop flow do you already love?
  2. What new features would you want to ABSOLUTELY see as a DAO deploying collections? And why?

and ofc, feel free to share ideas and thoughts beyond those two questions :slight_smile:


some feedback i’ve heard so far:

  1. integration with 0xsplits
  2. onboarding for DAOs using the tool for the first time (clippy vibe?)
  3. adding the ability to set collectionAdmin in the Create flow
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Is everyone going to know to go into github just to make a Zora editions? No.

the deploy drop flow is obviously not accesible to those who don’t understand the transaction builder and how to pull an ABI from whatever contract that has an open protocol.

In PA proposal #4 there is a DAO upgrade that allows protocols to be distinguished but I am eager to see it used for Drops.

The proposal below this blurb also did not recieve any votes during the last prop house round but is undeniably valuable to managing a DAO and potentially extending it to managing contracts deployed under a proposal.

In my opinion.


@valcoholics, thanks for sharing those proposals!

would you mind expanding further on why distinguishing protocols is valuable, especially in the context of Drops?