[Question] What’s a common mistake or when have you found it most frequent that your vercel build crashes

What’s a common mistake when building sites or when have you found it most frequent that your vercel build crashes and what solutions have you found the most helpful from searches?

Not the best coder but I personally find vercel’s build error solutions are so bad. Is it just me? Why do we not use Netlify more as an org?

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most of the time for me its due to having an overly restrictive linter that prevents things from building (you could also say that the linter is fine and im just bad at typescript)

imo i find the build errors really helpful – just in terms of it actually calling out what the issue is (and ill view the build errors either by running yarn build on local or watching the deploy fail on the vercel UI)

could u maybe describe what about the solutions u find bad? generally speaking i think one of the more common web developer stack these days is typescript nextjs vercel – which is what zora/dain used back at the beginning of our projects together – so i think we just carried that momentum into most of our work

It’s not a particularly snazzy trick, but I find it’s helpful to run a npm/yarn/pnpm build locally, some people even institute this as a checkdown in a pre-commit hooks. If you’re experiencing a bug on deploy, especially multiple issue or consistent hang ups, it minimizes the steps + clicks and call-and-response wait time for debugging which can be particularly deflating and sometimes you get a different error tip in the process.