[RFC] Collect resources to cultivate an event circuit that will help creatives

TL:DR - Collect resources to cultivate an event circuit that will help creatives

  • Establish new connections
  • Find community in spaces that promote/encourage creative talent
  • Take advantage of workshops to equip oneself with the tools to enhance or start their portfolio
  • Find partners and/ or collaborators for upcoming projects.


The U-circuit is a series of live events geared towards creative development and career advancement for artists. Each event provides unique opportunities for artists to create, display their work and network with other talented artists. Creatives who attended our last circuit came out with some of the following:

  • A larger network in tune with the industry and disciplines that they specialize in and wish to pursue a career in.
  • Resources to augment / start their portfolio to present to clients.
  • A stronger understanding of industry trends and standards.

I mentioned to Valerie how we intend to apply this circuit to visual artists and incorporate some workshops for helping artists get started with web3 tools as an another accessible form of e-commerce that they can experiment with as they explore their creative careers. Below is a photo of our networking event and a link to a recap video of our collaborative photoshoot.

Photobooth collaborative event

*If this interests you I can do a more detailed proposal and breakdown in a separate post


Moved this to the appropriate thread. What’s the desired location, are you looking for sponsorship or media distribution, are you looking to create media through this event that can translate to Public Assembly, i.e. do you plan to document it?

Also can you expand on the workshops, what’s does a win look like usually for them and what sector of the industry, currently thinking of a “onchain curation” or “the future of media” talk being viable for this type of event


mainly just echoing some of vals sentiments about how exactly PA can play a role in this. on the side of being really intentional with what events are being done for since they can be pretty resource intensive from a time + financial perspective. i liked the idea of having PA be able to provide some expertise/vision/programming into a specific slice of this whole crypto thing that may be interesting to a broader audience

generally speaking tho I think figuring out PA IRL presence is rlly important so its v cool to see someone engaged in this – down to help figure this shit out

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