Rollout help ! Assembly Press v0.0 is ready for release this Friday March 31

Hello everyone! really excited to say that AssemblyPress v0.0 is ready to launch this Friday, alongside a public Request For Comment (RFC) period.

What does v0.0 mean?

v0.0 means that all of the desired functionality (erc721 based curation, erc1155 based editions) has been implemented, alongside sufficient (for RFC) testing suite + documentation. it is good enough for us to do a code freeze which will allow us to continue making progress at the application level, as we wait for the public RFC/audit/review process to sort itself out.

Whats left in my scope for Friday

  1. Complete the protocol walkthrough
  2. Deploy v0.0 to goerli (and potentially mainnet but not sure) and add deployed addresses to repo

What I could use help with for Friday

  1. Review of the Public RFC section copy that you can find on the readme for the repo
  2. Help crafting tweets (to come out from PA account? can do from mine instead/as well) to publicize the completion of v0.0 and – more importantly – attract as much attention to our public audit process as possible. in terms of images to accompany stuff, we at least have this nice AssemblyPress graphic
  3. anything else that ppl think would be nice to coincide this announcement (we don’t have to overdo it at all, will be much more exciting when we actually release the v1.0 alongside new products)

ccing ppl for help with these marketing/release bits @losingmyego @projectmehari @valcoholics @junghwan @salief


I would be happy to go over copy and tweet strategy. Speaking of copy, are the docs feeling polished to go with? I think that whole subdomain is quite impressive.

Would getting mint house to a v0 of sorts feel like a nice a promotional piece? Like an example. I’m wondering now if there’s a way to make mint house more demonstrative akin to a theme toggle. Like a navbar switch where we could open a side drawer to show the actual queries, statuses, and/or function signatures being called like a rolling log?


plz help with the copy/tweet stuff! let’s just use this forum thread to collect ideas — do drop wtv u got below

in terms of documentation I was referring to the natspec/comments actually found in the solidity. for the official release having supporting docs to be hosted on that domain would be great, but I think it’s fine for now + we have the protocol walkthrough which’s provides nice accompanying guide

in terms of mint house I think what u described might actually be rlly cool, but also feel like getting to full polish + narrative by tm is a bit ambitious for mint house specifically (and other more obviously consumer products), it feels even more crucial that polish is already there + decent amount of brand assets to go with upon release. it does already look great to be clear, but imo could use some final tune ups (plus a new curation contract with what we actually want on it). just my opinion tho !

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agreed it’s kind of a rush, but yeah could also fork existing project for the purposes of a developing a lo-fi followup companion demo on the current press to come sometime next week. i think it actually helps to have new content in the promotion of something so maybe a staggered release is good?


yep agreed

a modal for AP reminiscent of zora starter kit sounds cool, like a “under the hood” view

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i think updating the architecture photos or mini graphic on logic would serve as good media for tweets

heres an example of a graphic used when mirrorxyz first launched a RFC for their crowdfunding tools

i also thinking minting the writing sounds cool on the marketing side without recreating new stuff


v1 of the AP diagram. lets call this pre design lol

here’s the link, everyone feel free to mess around plz just copy the slide first

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