Setting up ENS for PA treasury

Have been meaning to get this set up for a min now, but got inspired again after seeing the recent prop by Nouns to set the reverse registry for their treasury to nouns.eth

The question that remains before we get this prop up is…what should our ENS be? Options include:

— publicassembly.eth (FF89de owns this atm in our multisig
— public—-assembly.eth
— pblcasmbly.eth (brevity might be nice for not getting cut off on interfaces?)
— others?

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Feel like just sticking to publicassembly.eth would be easiest


ENS is complicated.

The registrant for publicassembly.eth is ff89de.eth, the multisig controlled by the founders of Public Assembly.

What is the registrant? (Taken straight from the ENS docs)

The registrant is the account that owns the .eth name. They can transfer ownership to another account, and they can replace the controller address. The registrant is the owner of the NFT token that represents the name.

That being said, the controller of the ENS name happens to be my address, salief.eth. Because I registered the name in the first place, and then sent ownership to the ff89de multisig, I remained as the controller of the name. As stated above, the registrant (ff89de.eth) can replace the controller address at any time.

What is the controller?

The controller is the account that controls day-to-day operations with the name: creating subdomains, setting the resolver and records, and so forth.

Because I remain as the controller of the name, I was able to set the record of the name to resolve to the Public Assembly treasury address.

So go ahead and punch in publicassembly.eth into Etherscan, it will resolve to our treasury address! I imagine in the future it will be wise to adjust the controller to be the ff89de.eth multisig.


this is hella cool. I was looking forward to showing ppl how this could work as a DAO action — since even nouns until recently never took the necessary steps to do this. what do you think of undoing the reverse registry, transferring the ENS to the PA treasury address, and then the dao setting the reverse registry as a proposal?

I guess when you’re ready to create that content, we can prepare a transaction from the multisig, change the record, and then a subsequent one to send the NFT to PA.

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sg. v happy that we have it set up in the meantime

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@salief I just realized that I believe we are still missing a step when it comes to setting up the ens (see pic from our first drop page below showing its still not resolving)

I just ran into this when helping danny set up privatedestruction.eth – even if u transfer all of the stuff over and update the pointers, the final step is the address itself needing to assign the specific ens as its main pointer. since that can only come from the PA treasury address, it must happen via proposal for this to actually work as intended

Does wallet connect solve this or is it truly only through proposal?

nouns connect will make it easier — but that’s still just triggering it via proposal

Yeah, I think it is this setName function that needs to be called

I think the UI of ENS being incomprehensible definitely contributes to the confusion. I believe we’ll have to transfer over the name from the multisig to the DAO.

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submitting the prop for this rn via nounsconnect


@salief would be cool if u fully transferred over the ens nft over to PA once this is set

Yeah, down to do that. Does it need to wait until this happens? Or can I just do it now?

can just do it now but maybe smart to make sure the txn goes thru as intended first

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