Should we add mint comments to AssemblyPress?

one feature zora shipped recently that caught my eye was a very subtle update to their mint functions that allow people to (optionally) pass in a comment alongside their mint transaction. The comments are emitted as events (not stored) which makes it pretty gas efficient, and relatively easy to index. check out line 454 of erc721drop.sol to check out what their function looks like

I think commenting/message broadcasting functionality could be really interesting to add to both the ERC721Press mintWithData call (this is the function called when you are curating something using a press initialized with a curation strategy), as well as the ERC1155Press mintExisting call (this is the function called when you are minting copies of an already existing 1155 edition).

The alternative to this would be setting up some type of external registry that ppl can use to talk about different pieces of media, and would exist separate from the underlying 721/1155 contracts.

I think some version of this feels important for us to provide, especially as we move towards more robust onchain forums / feeds / media platforms / etc. Here’s some links to interesting examples of what this functionality looks like on interfaces – not just zoras (mint page – look at activity view, external aggregator)

If anyone has thoughts about solidity implementation strategies
or just the feature generally speaking drop em below!