[Sprint Notes] Friday, January 13th

Just creating this topic now cause I had an early moment to be in the forum. Going to go further into detail with my own personal progress, as well as what I’ll be working on heading into the weekend!

Hoping others can do the same :slight_smile:

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as i clean up some of my notes ill be posting them in the appropriate days but happy friday all.


Continuing this conversation: [Sprint Notes] Tuesday, January 10th - #13 by valcoholics

Continued Documentation site tasks that done and are no longer a big haul because of Nextra’s one click to deploy framework:

  • Page Legend/Internal Page Nav Bar
  • Syncing previous and next pages
  • Button to update docs
    • Links to GitHub issues or discussions where people can submit issues and things can be modified
  • Dates documents were last modified
  • Light Mode Dark Mode
  • Search
  • Header / Footer
  • Navigation bar
  • Side bar on Nextra site

Still working on:

  • Dain’s advice: use the current version of DAO utils to start the MDX writing.
  • Having issue with my project repo building to Vercel. Something about the Next JS on my computer.
  • Illustrating the DAO utils re-release with creative assets (see figjam)
  • “Built by PA” tag can be so prominent
  • Buy domain
  • Extra page general copywriting
  • Logo
  • Talked briefly about “a cover page” or “hero page” to the docs being a hybrid of a “development marketing funnel.”
  • SEO
    • Page thumbnails, descriptions, and favicon
  • Documentation conventions, Code conventions, and contribution guidelines

Action steps for the weekend:

  • Start writing markdown files documentation for the latest update on the DAO utils site itself, with continued maintenance of the package

  • Joey: “Based off of a decent look at the Figma I feel like we need 4 videos on DAO utils.”:

    • Intro to DAO Utils
    • Intro to components,
    • Intro to hooks,
    • Intro to custom theming…
  • Beginning the Story boarding process

    • “…within those like components sections, let’s say the auction modules, we can figure out exactly what combination of code snippets, gifs, screenshots, and diagrams that I can kind of help like make and I streamline so they are all within the same aesthetic for every single smaller subtopic”
    • Hands-on role
    • Video outline:
      • an overview,
      • a summary,
      • and a preview or screen recording of what individual things within those smaller subsections.
      • The vibe is mental preparation notes for the docs. Less than 2 minute videos, formulaic.
      • Holding accountable: Putting some comments on the Figma, Initial for creative assets concept brainstorm.

Deprioritized concerns:

I am not sure about custom themes to the site just yet, like for a different color schemes.
I’m not sure what we’re gonna call this domain or if the Dao-utils.public—assembly link on the PA Vercel will be transferred, because this necessarily public assembly docs anymore.

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This whole outline is dope. I’m lit. Can we get links to Figma files referenced - not seeing anything in the PA Figma

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Had an extensive conversation with Salief ideating on what the final product for Flex DAO Interfaces could look like in the future. Then worked backwards to figure out the best ways we can start building structure that will support that vision,

Some messy notes on what lies ahead for the sprint on my end :

  • UI Designs for the Auction and Proposal components. Potentially multiple layouts for the Auction component if its within scope.
  • Develop a Figma Design Library that is 1:1 with the CSS Stylesheet for Flex DAO Interfaces
  • More globally, take this opp to create the beginning of the “PA Design System” that will be used in all future product builds. This is the heaviest lift to initialize, but will have the greatest benefit long-term.
  • Working on the front-end to style the template we create will allow me to conduct QA with mysef on the 1:1 match between CSS tags and the Figma nomenclatures matching.
  • Learn React front-end fast in lieu of another dev
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The figjam board in the tuesday post is what i meant, it’s more of a moodboard than a wireframe though

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