[Sprint Notes] Friday, January 27th

Feeling excited that I started to piece together some of the main elements we’ll need to configure onchain theming. Hopefully will follow up later today with a less buggy repo that demonstrates some of the things I’m talking about. Really interesting to think about all the different ways this can be achieved!

Supposed to be meeting with @losingmyego later today to finalize some of the design work. Things are looking really great!

@valcoholics has spun up a docs site that is a Nextra template being hosted on Vercel. Looking forward to seeing this come to life. I think we all need to take a part in contributing to this, I for one am eager to provide some cool code snippets to get up and running with dao-utils.

@E-Rick and I have been continuing to chug along on this package, working through some React and Typescript bugs, fun stuff. I know Erick and Neesh have also been in conversation, working towards bringing these designs to life.

Lastly, I believe @0xTranqui is playing around with how to make these theming abilities completely onchain, and remix the existing registry contract.

Lots of fun stuff in the pipeline, I can see it slowly coming together.

I propose we meet as a group at the top of next week. The end of today concludes the third week of the sprint! Hope everyone is hanging in there.


what an update! cool stuff to share re theming soon :smiling_imp:


this is lit! Very happy to contribute to the docs site - maybe a breakdown of the design library and how we’re attaching it to the theming editor? @valcoholics lmk what u think

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The docs boilerplate is editable to anyone on the public assembly org and open for issues,

I’m thinking a inclusive category for theming that has one page dedicated to the design library and one page dedicated to onchain theming?

edit: submit an issue or create another branch

automatic issues/updates right there is so nice

Added @E-Rick to this group so he should be able to reply to posts in this category