[Sprint Notes] Monday, January 9th

Sprint timeline is Monday, Jan 9th —> Monday, Feb 6th

I’m proposing that the first two weeks of the sprint are centered around finishing the dao-utils package which will be the backbone of our product

This chunk of work has something for everyone to contribute to, and part of this meeting should be an attempt to iron out exactly what that is.


  • What are the remaining components, hooks, and utility functions needed for the build?
  • Can you articulate/give examples of the sample apps you hope to include in these packages?


  • Create the components and write the hooks
  • Scope out potentially unforeseen needs of the package
  • Implement the sample apps described below


  • Craft wireframes that will be implemented in the sample apps of these packages
  • For instance, https://dao-sites.public---assembly.com/ is a live example of the auction utility inside dao-utils. How can we create generalized, unopinionated visualizations for the rest of the componentry?


  • Create a standalone documentation site to support dao-utils
  • Perhaps something like https://swr.vercel.app/ (built with Nextra), or something along the lines of what you’ve already built with Super or Docusaurus
  • Whatever the choice is, I do feel like we should begin to standardize our approach to documentation


  • Create assets for the documentation site that help to convey Public Assembly ethos
  • Regardless of the site builder we choose I still think there is a lot of room to make it unique to us
  • Thinking of things like Getting Started - Foundation OS

Thank you for using swr as an example. For the duration of this sprint, I am more than willing to commit to the Nextra site for documentation on further customizing our codebase. I believe it will be a good home for other resources for general education related to DAO utils, such as code examples and more writing on the overall architecture of the package.

More concepts for this new standalone website:

@junghwan rainbow kits site could be a reference to a design we can take in our own direction.

Because we have the getting started information in the readme file, we are already sort of extending dao sites

  • I’m for keeping the footer I like it a lot.
  • Could use a light and dark mode


@salief How much of the registry documentation will come into contact with this front end package? Will people require resources to locate contract addresses related to their DAO? Also, with the onchain theming registry, I’m thinking about permissions, such as contract owners and other users with varying levels of access, and how to effectively document that.

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+1 for foundation OS, but also remember what the full site looks like too https://os.foundation.app