[Sprint Notes] - Thursday, February 9th

Hey yall, just passing by to share the new – much simplified – theme registry system. It is live + usable on goerli here.

– PlatformIndex (uint256) is associated with a string. The string can be anything, including ipfs links. This info is stored in the stringStorageInfo mapping.
– the newPlatformIndex is what you call when you want to create a new platformIndex. The address who calls this is set as the admin for that index – which gives them the power to update the string info at this index (setPlatformIndex function), and add new admins (setAdmin function – u can pass in an array with however many new admins u want)
– the getString call takes in a platformIndex and returns the string for that index
– this was a quick draft and I didnt make a repo for it, but i tested it in remix and it seems to work. can formalize this + get it on github once we are settled about liking it or not

Front end thoughts
– This removes the ability to set other peoples indexes as yours. I think this is totally fine, as it simplifies the architecture, and we can still faciliates “setting other peoples indexes as yours” by just looking up the string value of another index and setting that as your own

cc @valcoholics @salief


This is great, taking a look now. Thanks for doing this.

only change Ik I want to make already is just using the standard OZ access control instead, so that we can have the concept of admins + managers (which would allow the admin set at neePlatformIndex be able to remove managers)

that + cleaning up the natspec + naming conventions (PlatformRegistry contract name instead) and I think we good to go

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updated + (final?) version on goerli here, and pushed + merged repo here


Looked at this overnight and I think the platformIndex would be better hardcoded as a template index for the one click deploy and setting a condition where the user has to go through a new user setup if platformIndex == templateIndex. Unless we are asking users to mint themes before the deploy proccess they could get trapped in themes they don’t have manager roles for and a lot wont go to etherscan to fix it.

I think now DAOs can use wallet connect to set Admins for site maintainers through a proposa if there was a new user set up after the deploy.