[Sprint Notes] Tuesday, January 10th

A bit of a whirlwind of a day! Seems like @valcoholics is off to the races with documentation. @DBlodorn outlined the first issue of the sprint, and I got to see @losingmyego in person :slight_smile:

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I was hyping up the quote feature of Discourse, but tbh I don’t even know how to use it lol.

Throwing this question from @valcoholics in here for context and to answer it

@salief How much of the registry documentation will come into contact with this front end package? Will people require resources to locate contract addresses related to their DAO? Also, with the onchain theming registry, I’m thinking about permissions, such as contract owners and other users with varying levels of access, and how to effectively document that.

re: registry documentation, I’d say we shouldn’t worry too much just yet about providing documentation for this part of the build. lets just try to focus on dao-utils for now and see where that gets us.

re: contract addresses, I could definitely see it being helpful for folks to have guidance on where to find the various addresses, I actually just had a thought about making a thread like that (I should do it)

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Also, I love Rainbow’s docs as another source of inspiration, that is awesome!

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re permissions for various things:

the way the contracts will work is that we can set up access control. So… we at a bare minimum need to provide opinionated strategies for that and document those, and then nice to have would be documenting how to write ur own custom one

you should do it!

And which address is this, there are 5, I can assume it’s the token right?


You would be correct

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how to use quote feature

I was waiting for this, thank you

you just highlight what you want to quote

Amazing, thank you both

Individual Tasks for site release

  • Written Content MDX files
    • Components

      • auction modules
      • auction countdown
      • CurrentAuction
      • TokenExplorer
      • TokenHolder
      • TokenRenderer
      • TokenTitle
      • TokenThumbnai;
      • TokenWinningBid
      • connect
    • Hooks

      • useActiveAuction.
      • useBidder.
      • useCountdown
      • useDaoAuctionQuery
      • useDaoToken
      • uselnterval
      • useNounsProtocol
    • Custom Theming

Ideal Side bar on Nextra site

  • Categories
    • Overview

    • Getting started

      • Installation
      • Authentication
      • Using GraphQL to make your own queries?
    • Advanced

      • Custom Theming
      • Components
      • Hooks
    • Changelog

Continued Site Tasks

  • Page Legend? Internal Page Nav Bar? (View fig jam for reference)

  • Syncing previous and next pages

  • Header / Footer

  • Navigation bar

  • Code conventions

  • Documentation conventions and contribution guidelines

  • Button to update docs

    • Links to GitHub issues or discussions where people can submit issues and things can be modified
  • Dates documents were last modified

  • Illustrating the DAO utils re-release with creative assets (see figjam)

  • “built by pa” (see figjam)

  • Buy domain

  • Extra page general copywriting

  • Logo

  • Light Mode Dark Mode

  • Search

  • SEO

    • Page thumbnails, descriptions, and favicon

  • Intro Video to DAO utils, code read, probably want to mint this?

    Video production process:

    • Video Description + Duration, Thumbnail
      • Scripting
    • Rough story board + sourcing assets that need to be in the video
      - Video intro and outro animation that can be reused for any tutorials
      - Lower thirds animation name tag for video presenter
      - Royalty free music

    • Shooting
      • Screen recording
    • Editing
      • First revision
      • Second revision
      • Media encoding, Captioning + Translations
    • Copywriting and marketing for public distribution

I’m thinking one 10-15 minute video than can get cut down into parts

and not sure if this is necessary but

  • Testing?

Anything that is not necessary for this sprint? I can see how things like a search for docs may be deprioritized

Checking this out now, sorry for not responding to your thread earlier!

I left some random comments across the Figma! Loving the ideas here and excited for it to be spun up onto GitHub.

In an attempt to make sure things don’t need to be rewritten, I’m going to ask Dain to weigh in here.

@DBlodorn Out of the existing hooks/componentry, what do you imagine will not change such that @valcoholics can begin writing documentation about.

@valcoholics I’m saying this because there is some refactoring in the works. Therefore some names might change and things may become deprecated.

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Also is there a way to move this entire topic into the Tuesday, Jan 10th topic? Is that a thing?


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Hey @valcoholics and @salief !
I’m still digesting all your work val - but suggested to Salief in this PR note that perhaps you could both collaborate on the outline of the hooks / contract interactions, and use the example app as a place to surface that work… kinda ongoing documentation.

Happy to get on a call tomorrow to chat on that if you like.

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if you don’t hear back from me immediately here - ping me on slack @salief
deep in the trenches over there rn.