[Sprint Notes] Wednesday, January 11th

Post updates here please! I am off to see my grandmother this morning but will be on throughout the later afternoon and evening.

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I am starting to see the efficiency of the this category and will update the permissions so that only those working on this sprint can post but everyone can view, if that’s fine.


Scoped out requirements for product design this AM with Salief.
Kinda started learning more react.
No blockers.

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react queen

I’m currently recording everything a discourse moderator would need to know when proposing to run a forum on behalf of a DAO today and we are at 3 hours of conversation and im really excited about that.

but we need to stop paying for the regular discourse subscription and move to our own server which is cheaper

going to revisit this topic outside of this category

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I’m also realizing that all the topics now have [Metablog] prepended to them. I kinda feel this is not really the appropriate use of the term.

Ok small update before bed. I opened a draft PR to share some code with @DBlodorn to ensure I am on the right track with issue #1 (lightspeed, I know).

Going to be tapped in again when I rise, hopefully get past some blockers and clear up some questions my foggy brain is introducing!

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What would you suggest is better context for this category

Maybe Daily Logs or something like that - Sprint Notes maybe?

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Hey just seeing this.
Reviewing your PR @salief and will answer any Qs there!

Awesome, thank you!