[Sprint Notes] Wednesday, January 25th

Have been working on UI layouts for FDI this week in addition to creating Style + Component libraries for PA (sharing soon). It’s proving a welcome challenge to design a layout, but think about it backwards to make it into a CMS template. Lots of trial and error on attaching styles and hierarchy that will eventually becoming theming tokens.

Still in infancy, some progress can be viewed here


yoooo the entropy one is sick

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More thoughts - for @E-Rick and @salief

Going to keep iterating on layouts, but next steps for me is to create a Style/Component library just for these designs. That will give @E-Rick everything they need to style the front end and will lay out for all devs how the theming tokens will work.

@salief - can you review the theming parameters i laid out so far in Figma, would be great to solidify what’s possible ASAP so i can build the library tomorrow

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I will take a look later today! Thank you!