State of Flexible

Hi All. Currently listing to @projectmehari playing some atmospheric tunes on the open work session broadcast. Just had a brief chat with @losingmyego and @0xTranqui and I wanted to open up this discussion for the entirety of Public Assembly.

Essentially this post is just serving as a way to communicate that Flexible is no longer under active development following a large overhaul I recently did to transition it from using the Zora indexer to a new subgraph that @neokry whipped up.

That being said, there are still some remaining issues on the GH and I’m sure there are more to contribute to that list. If you do use the client for some DAO interactions and run into anything, it would be helpful for anyone coming after you to open an issue! And if you’re looking to take a stab at an issue I am more than happy to walk you through the codebase whenever!

Wanted to just take a moment to give a special thanks to @thekidnamedkd and @gainor for helping out down the stretch. Also to @valcoholics for continuing to be an especially great liaison for Public Assembly in relation to Builder DAO, and on her own accord of course.

That being said, I wanted to open the floor for anyone who had some ideas about potential directions for the client, thoughts on its efficacy in general, and just anything else you want to share about Flexible.


Congrats to all. I think we should open the tool up the the farcaster community and get fresh eyes and voices on it.