Time to start planning for AssemblyPress

Gonna keep this as short as possible cuz not supposed to be online rn. But it occurred to me that we prob want to start preparing for the dao wide activation that the release + beginning of continued development on AssemblyPress will entail. Made another big chunk of progress on the flight to Japan yesterday, and we are almost ready to start finalizing the test suite + running initial deploys

Very rough draft summary of what is next for AssemblyPress:

  1. finish final draft of implementation w/ full test suite + deploy scripts
  2. code freeze for first ever PA Bug Bounty (funded through an escrow prop? or maybe even prop house?)
  3. fix whatever bugs come up in audit
  4. develop front ends for whatever the initial “product” will be
    – work on this should start before we get to this point
    — includes things like subgraph development, custom zora indexer integration, etc
  5. prep all marketing materials + strategy for rollout. this will require some nuance bc we need to rollout both the long term flexibility AssemblyPress facilitates, as well as the initial use cases of that flexibility – Artifacts + promoting artifacts to editions
    – educational materials for both devs + creators (architecture diagrams, example use cases, write up about the whole arch, roadmap, etc)
    – promo content. ex: “not everything needs to be financial used, but everything should be onchain. Publish everything onchain, and turn it into an edition at your discretion”
    – potential monetization strategy (ex: factory front end open sourced after marketing drop hits a certain amount of eth? token gated access to factory? just putting out ideas that we should think about)
  6. continuous multi stage release of different functionality. ex:
    – ability to create and view your own artifacts
    – ability to turn ur artifacts into editions
    – ability to view other ppls artifacts
    – in long term AssemblyPress interface prob ends up dealing with curation, other nft impls (ERC1155Press?), etc

I am realizing that we will be developing an entire “Create”-esque application, which is an enormous endeavor. lots of opportunities to activate contributors for work + discover new incoming value streams for PA. will leave off with another realization I had about why AssemblyPress is important:

  1. ethereum is a public database
  2. NFT impls are one way to structure the way you write to that public database
  3. AssemblyPress is being developed to be one of the most flexible NFT impls that exists — while still preserving enough structure + opinion to productize things
  4. unlock from having our own NFT implentation playground to do drops as a dao is big. see quote from recent thread about this below

Still in line to chat with nnnnicholas on friday with a town hall, actually a perfect time to soft launch this, but in terms of marketing we can start a 6-8 week curated schedule for this drop.

@salief very happy if you can still be present for that twitter space convo

I’d love to contribute on the GTM side here!


I’ll be there. Also it is open for anyone else to hop in. @junghwan @losingmyego


there’s a product brewing in my head will share once I get it a bit more refined :smiling_imp: