[Update] PA Forum

tl;dr: the PA forum needs a design update.

As Public Assembly continues to scale, it is increasingly becoming more important for the forum to accommodate organized discussions. To proactively address this situation, I’m starting this thread to get some feedback/suggestions so we can push this update within the next ~month via proposal.

The current forum categories are:

  • Announcements
  • Governance
  • Development
  • Design + Visual
  • Community

Proposed new categories are:

  • Pinned
  • In Progress
  • Open Convo
  • Completed
  • Proposals

The thinking behind the new categories is to create more space around the proposal framework. Hopefully this will allow people to get better birds eye view of what is currently happening at Public Assembly, what is already completed/executed, and what are some ideas that can become proposals and projects. Sidenote: how does everyone feel about a monthly townhall? Think it can be a great onboarding portal, project update space to meet outside of the forum once a month!

I made this simple mockup of what an updated design could look like. Feel free to add any ideas!

Edit: Check the Gnosis forum


I vibe with the idea of having monthly town halls as they could be a great way of keeping everyone updated on current projects, providing context for newcomers, and addressing the needs of everyone involved.

For the forum layout, could we have a pinned post that includes an FAQ section for important links? For example, we could include the About section from the PA website, which would help direct people to the GitHub or documentation page for further context.

Besides that, everything else seems bless


Yeah there’s definitely a few things that will need to get added to the pinned category


additional thinking is that bascially the current categories will become tags, so that within the propoed new categories we can then clearly note who a new post is relevant to (ex: devs, designers), and on what timeline it should be considered

This was going to be my question until this reply. As the current categories have an important framework, I do agree that de-siloing the work from specialization/working groups while keeping them as tags and moving towards a proposal-first system is the most horizontal and inclusive. All of this rolls up nicely with the town hall addition as review, onboard. Big +1 on that.


Look nice and yeah forum revamp please!


This is my first experience using Discourse ever. It’s a great idea if this makes things better for everyone. As someone who recently joined the forum I am still finding my way, so I can adapt to changes. So far I have a general Idea where forum posts are and mostly spend my time in the chat messages anyway.


If you could drop those icons that be cool


wow u just did that. I’ll send over some icons

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Rearranging for the next hour honestly sorry for notifs in advanced there no way to edit in private

i was about to come at u for this but ur right


Wiped old tags

Proposed tags

PA EDU Coworking Operations External Visual Development Products DAO Misc
about docs code-review roadmap bounties research reading design frontend pa-homepage zora system
press onboarding study veto-council contract-work case-study headless-brands design-library backend mint-house builder-dao curation
faq question / need-help notes finance D2d DX radical-friends theming react / typescript flexible holders framework
feedback pair-coding legal opportunities UX artist solidity neosound contributors protocol
how-to office-hours townhall sponsorships essay curators onchain assembly-press draft
explainer troubleshooting forum social conceptual AI testnet mutual ideas
guide learning-group moderation media-distribution creative-code mainnet create-whats-missing recording
template working-group content p5js media-rendering private-destruction video
resources stewards collaborations blender interactions WIP
IRL (event) public-goods prophouse dalle user-base mindshare
workshop operations midjourney data-indexing mint
hackathon multimedia factory
livestream agency metaverse one-click-deploy
tooling executed mobile-development
tutorial defeated scoping
podcast temp-check architecture

Need more clarification on these acronyms:

RFP: Request for Proposal - Requests made from token holders
RFC: Request for Comments / Feedback - next actionable step requests made from those making proposals or seeking a delegation

Request for Initiative/Subgroups: Requests from Stewards??
Request for Testers - Requests made from Development groups?

Edit: all tags updated, @junghwan how would u consider a topic completed because some stuff can get replies maybe years later

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The gnosis safe forum uses the Air Theme with background modifications, the theme has built in rounded corners but there is also an ability to override/edit the code for the box corners that fit closer to your image.

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i could rock with this

Is it crazy to say I want to literally just use this exact theme … lol

not crazy

is this also confirming PAs green era

lets see the light mode before we decide on green

  • need PNG/SVG of “Public Assembly” in the desired font, probably best inline with the mutual design library, and if we can get the svg version there can be custom code for light and dark mode

  • These squares are a png overlay, going to remove the blue swooping thing with custom css so there nothing in the background but if there is any desire to put the unicode in the background it would just be a transparent layer