[Update] PA Forum

html .background-container {
    background: #FFFFFF;
    clip-path: none;
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this already looking so good. and then we can add custom icons or something instead of periodic table?

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and also get rid of the drop-shadow and round the corners apparently

discourse-air/common.scss at main · discourse/discourse-air · GitHub

  1. Public Assembly in Helvetica seems right to me.
  2. I’ll think more about the background overlay, but it’s not immediately apparent what our “pattern” will be.
  3. These icons are harder to design than I thought lol. Gonna spend some time today working on it.

I also liked how when you click on one of the categories on gnosis’ discourse, it brought you into tags that could be cliked into. Could make sense for some of the categories like Pinned (for Path)

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