Update: River and Assembly Press

message from Lifeworld team:

Following up from the feedback we received on our draft proposal, we’ve decided to submit the proposal directly to Entropy. As a reminder, our initial idea was to first create a proposal through Public Assembly which if passed, would create a subsequent proposal to Entropy DAO, contained within it an ask of 15 ETH (10 of which would be earmarked for Lifeworld to fund the development of River, and the remaining 5 as a way to bootstrap the continued development of the Assembly Press framework).

Here the updated draft, in which we are still calling out AP and asking for 5 ETH be directed to PA for its continued development.

We came to this decision in response to the sentiment that the relationship between Lifeworld and Public Assembly has and continues to be confusing. We didn’t want to introduce further confusion by creating this complicated web of proposals. Although some of our thinking has changed, the essence of what Lifeworld is, and why we chose to create it is encapsulated in this post from a few months ago.

If anyone has any feedback on these decisions, please share! We’re hoping to submit this proposal in the coming days and would thoroughly appreciate the support.

On another note, River got accepted to 100 Builders and the four of us will be working full-time towards an early prototype over the next 3 weeks!