Using Nouns Builder as a blog and time capsule for self exploration

42 Days, “DAO mission” dissolves, protocol remains upgradable, treasury as a time capsule and not for profit.

If you were to put yourself on a countdown clock what would you create? What would you learn?


bobthebuildooor.eth ran off on the prop house bread and hasn’t re appeared yet they bidded on this :eyes::eyes: drama omg lol

How did *they run off and the bread is in the TraitWorks treasury.

The actual bob the builder has me crying :joy: but damn this is serious…also upsetting that this won over WAGMI

im saying … now u get what i mean they literally just appeared out of thin air on ur auction lmao. u boutta be in the middle of a csi nouns episode

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Currently picturing Nouns knocking on my door and getting cussed out for bothering me

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