Web 3 Galaxy Brain Podcast Episode: First PA Press!

I completely missed it when it happened, but it looks like @nnnnicholas from Juicebox/Web3 Galaxy Brain has uploaded the episode he did with some of the FF89DE the other week after we met him in Montreal.

Big s/o to @valcoholics, @salief, and @losingmyego for this one !! y’all some stars fr.

Here’s a link to the tweet where the episode was released.


talking to nnnicholas rn to get this minted expeditiously

so it looks like nnnicholas is down to get a Web3 Galaxy Brain x PA Podcast episode out as an NFT. Told him I can help him work thru the proposal process (once he gets gov nft). He also mentioned that would be dope to get some custom art for the edition, anyone interested in helping out? Imagine we could retroactively fund the work making the piece in the same proposal that’s used to create the edition !!

cc visual pros @losingmyego @dedz @junghwan


Listening to the episode:
“Public Assembly is an experimental practice around empowering independent creators with unique perspectives to learn enough to be dangerous and to feel confident enough to do so in public”

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I think during the podcast the word developer was overused, we are all creators with valuable ideas.

Also a correction: This was not recorded in MTL, it was our first public Twitter Space that we talked about in this post.

yeah would love to assist, any guidelines I should be aware of? Moving vs still, open to just about anything


maybe go with static image to keep it on the simpler side? perhaps thinking of it as an album cover or podcast cover art is helpful way to frame the work, but no need to be overly conformist/generic with the way u approach it. besides that no guidelines !!


related to last post, what’s the best cover image we could have for it when it shows up on future tape !!

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@Design ^^

Something with our Unicode symbol is probably the move here - but like going crazy with it. Will think of some stuff in the coming days ! cc @dedz

Maybe the 3D verison of it? Can provide the asset to anyone interested as well


Am interested in throwing some ideas at this. Maybe in collaboration with @dedz ?


Whatever we do in regards to this. Lets put this onchain, to fund whomever works on it. Does @dedz hold a token?

Working on that ASAP, should have one in the next 20 hrs if everything goes correctly :slight_smile: @losingmyego yes please send the 3d, I’ll try some different stuff too and I’ll be sure to keep it still 1:1 square.

Finally got to throw this on today… sheds so much light – canon content! Req’d listening :white_heart: