Welcome to our community!

Welcome to the Public Assembly Discourse!

Here you’ll find longer form discussions and proposals from around the PA ecosystem.

Why Discourse

Public Assembly allows anyone to suggest, debate, implement, and propose new ideas and changes to the ecosystem — without relying on, or requiring, our core team.

Discourse can provide us a venue for longer thought provoking discussions that span several days. This creates a new spaces where people can share their voice in slow and mediated way. It’s also a public message board, viewable to those even without an account, that allows for conversations to get indexed by search engines.

Our only other legs of public communication are GitHub and Twitter


Trust Levels

Discourse has a trust system where users can, over time, earn the trust of the community and gain abilities to assist in governing their community.

Discourse is designed to offer safe defaults for public communities, even with no active moderation.

0 (new) → 1 (basic) → 2 (member) → 3 (regular) → 4 (leader)

All new users start out in a sandbox with restrictions for everyone’s safety. Trust level 0 (new) users cannot

  • post more than 2 hyperlinks
  • post any images or file attachments
  • send private messages
  • flag posts or topics
  • have actual links in the “about me” field of their profile
  • @name mention more than 2 users in a post

Virtually every action a user can take is rate limited for safety, and especially so for new users. But don’t worry, new users can transition to trust level 1 in about 15 minutes.

If you feel you should have higher trust score message an Admin on Discord.

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