Work has begun on PA's blog aggregator

tldr me and @junghwan started work on a curation management tool to support all the efforts on our Blog Era – and it quickly turned into what I think can be PA’s blog aggregator that can support + provide discovery for all of the mint houses, personal websites, neosound forks, etc that are coming

recorded a loom describing whats going on, see below for other relevant links

rlly rlly rlly early deploy:
repo: GitHub - public-assembly/blog

amazing new search functionality @mmsaki shared on mint house this morning:


how can i deploy a education curation contract by proposal this weekend

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super dope! @0xTranqui I am really digging river. Super dope concept

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uk proposals take a week first of all

second of all why is everyone obsessed with us deploying the architecture to mainnet before it’s ready will be such a waste of bread lol

can we set u up with a goerli one to start messing around with or do u need the real thing?

Need the real thing :slight_smile:

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would be dope to drop consistent educational videos natively, a lot of web3 education is mostly done natively, and most times that audience large, which eventually would lead to on-chain education content

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our onchain technosocial knowledge graph bout to hit so crazy

update heading into the week:

just recorded a loom of the first successful curation call (aka “mintWithData” with proper bytes encoded data holding curation structs)

there are now 3 listings curated on the curation contract currently plugged into mint house + index

addiitonal feedback from this update is that the alchemy indexer seems to pick up newly minted tokens fast enough to serve our needs !!

heres links to the code containing alchemy indexing hooks, + abi.encoding of curation structs (line 35)

@valcoholics gonna work tomorrow to get this UI looking way better, and then will turn back to Assembly Press to get the rfc i started wrapped up and deployed !!


Something to add to the conversation here.

Speaking to Christina at Lens earlier today, she mentioned that curation is a big target for them. I mentioned the work that PA is doing and she was very interested about how there may be shared space, “We want more of this and need more tools built on Lens that can curate our content…Do you think we could have Public Assembly index lens content and curate UGC music?”

What do you guys think?

does media on Lens follow typical contract address + tokenId patterns ? if yes then yes we technically would be able to with our curation protocol since there’s a field for chainID as well, but if they have some non contract/tokenId heuristic for addressing media objects (which I feel like I’ve seen they do?) then it might not be compatible

Yes, exactly. There are complications w.r.t this - from what I understand, rather than a tokenID there is a “pubID”. We are going through this process with neume now though to integrate Lens drops, so maybe some learnings could be applied across.

ok cool. do u happen to know what solidity type pubID is? could perhaps use the existing tokenId field in the Listing struct as a workaround to incorporate Lens stuff

I don’t trust my muggle brain to give you the right answer, however I think this holds the truth - core/Events.sol at 2c843f827d9614bf633e989facd877301d97ce8b · lens-protocol/core · GitHub

loom update - vibey
loom update - more instructional less vibey


another update. just made huge strides using chat gpt to help work thru some front end stuff. check out new loom

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recording of a call between @mmsaki, @thekidnamedkd, @junghwan, and myself from today about current status of Blog related thingssss